Shutdown Cost & Batshitcrazy…

January 28th, 2019

The CBO “came out” saying Orange Fuckbag’s

Shutdown Stunt for Nothing Cost Us $3 Billion

(Immoral lunacy)

Don’t let That Effect lying assholes who all did

this Lunacy, Crippling Hundreds Of Thousands

of citizens/business’s. They will “pretend” that

it never happened. Ahhhhhhh naaaaaaaaa we

ALL know what he/Republicans Did here. This

will Cripple their Party, especially If he tries to

do It again. Ends them Much Faster & by their

own insanely ignorant Hands. Oh, speaking of

batshitcrazy, As The Entire Orange Bozo’s Life

(We know)

implodes, he just “Makes Up” Numbers or lies

outright. Others around him Do the Same and

it is not only costing them in polling, but in all

their Voters/Base. Oooooooooooooooooooops

NOTE: A, Historic COLD In Chicago/Midwest That Will
Shatter Records. Be Safe, Bundle Up, and Stay WARM
NOTE II: It is Me Talking White Sox on WGN this past
Friday. Tune in to Patti Vasquez One of Chicago’s best

Have a day!

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