“Let Them Eat Shit!”…

January 24th, 2019

As the Shut-down, solely created by Trump

for a Wall, we do not need (We need Actual

(No Shit)

Immigration Reform), hit day 34, the top A

Holes In Chumpland Have Crossed A “Line”

In what can only be called ‘Tone Deaf Prick

Lunacy’ you have two scum now mocking a

reality that Government Workers now need

Food Lines to “eat”. Wilbur Ross, and Larry

Kudlow simply had their “let them eat cake”

moment. Unable To Understand Most Every

family in the Working Class is only Two Pay

(Guillotine wheels)

checks away from trouble. History will hate

them. And “correctly” so. They are immoral

Nancy Pelosi, Will NOT “Allow” Any SOTU in

the House Until the Showdown is Over. She

has his tiny, orange dusty balls in her purse

Have a day!

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