Trans Ban, Shutdown & Hate…

January 22nd, 2019

The Supreme Court Just Upheld ‘Discrimination’

and hate. This entire shutdown was created due

(Stop Hiding)

to Nationalist Hate over a wall we don’t need for

a time of Fear like The Berlin Wall. Now we have

‘MAGA Hat Wearing High Schooler’s’, Doing their

best impressions Of “Victims”, While Hiring A PR

firm to help spin their Overt Hate. These are not

just sad Times. They’re Dangerously reminiscent

of the most Vile Times in History. When we have

a tiny Populous Proudly ignorant about even the

most basic of Subjects, screaming their Opinions

& their “Feelings” are suddenly now equal to any

(We need change)

facts or reality….history shows us this ends badly

Will humanity push back?!? Will the Media do It’s

most basic job at fact Checking Reality?! I do not

know, but times running out here……..for all of us

NOTE I: Brexit HBO Show, Does Decent Job Explaining How
Those Duped By “Marketers”, Were also acting, On Emotion
VS Facts. It’s Really Worth A Watch. You can thank me later
NOTE II: The FBI, Is Losing Their “Ability”, To Do Their Jobs
During This Self-Induced Government Shut Down. It’s COST
Us Indictments, Operations, & Important “Training”. It’s Evil

Have a day!

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