It’s All Over Now…

January 18th, 2019

Orange Toddler Is legally finished. Aside From

the Buzzfeed bombshell, which must be vetted

(We know)

like ALL news, is but a drop in the legal bucket

for a man/Family/Administration that has now

been Shown To have Committed Criminal Acts

Mueller is simply one avenue that will bring us

justice. There’s Also The House, FBI, oversight,

district courts and much more. Trump/his kids

and anyone in the Room who Watched Trumpy

tell Cohen/Others, To LIE to Mueller/Congress

are ALL undone. And this won’t be he said, she

said shit. This Will be, “Is This YOUR Voice” or

“Is this you on Tape” or “Is this YOUR E-mail?”

NOTE: Show Tonight In Aurora, IL. Sure It’s Snowing But
Get There. You Can Thank Me Later. Waaaaaaaaaay Later

Have a weekend!

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