And So, 2019 Begins…

January 2nd, 2019

With One Political Party In The United States Who

actually wants to Govern. And Another Republican

(R’s Control It All)

Party that has Only ‘Offered’ Tax Cuts, Racism And

Government Shut Downs; we Are Seriously in need

of a Valid 3rd Party Offering the Policies that A Vast

majority of americans “WANT”. As Trump & crew all

sputter Into Oblivion, the Rest Of the Country really

“see’s” The Entire Landscape Clearly. No Amount of

“crazy” Lunatic Bullshit Works Anymore. Nor, Will it

ever work again for the Next 30-40 Years. That you

can Take To The Bank. The entire “Market” Sold off

all of “Trump Positions” In Their Holdings. That was


the painful “sell off” we all saw the last 3 weeks and

more. Trump, Will Not Make July. He Is All But Done

and he/Pence’s/Republicans ‘fates’ are all sealed. Oh

boy they earned EVERY Second of the “Pain” Coming

NOTE: Jane Curtin, “Lowers The Boom” On, The Entire
Republican Party In Quick, Slick, ‘Honest’ Fashion; She
Wants The Entire Old, Racist Party, To “Die”. Well Said!
And As The Party Of Old Racist White Guy. They all are

Have a day!

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