Whoooooo hooooooo! At A time In this world when

it Is most Dark, Tiny Rays of light shine. And in no

(Must Have!)

way Is This a Lock to Pass The house & Trump can

even Veto it. But It Would then be a BIG campaign

issue In The Mid-Terms & look Out. This is a Large

step in the right Direction as a Nation. Oh and just

speaking of Right Direction, let’s touch on the now

“wrong” one. It is now clear Don Jr will be charged

with, Collusion/Foreign Election Interference. This

is Deadly Serious Shit Here. And Trump Himself Is

on the Hook for Obstruction In crafting Dummy Jr.

(“Let’s share a cell”)

alibi for said Meeting With The Whole idiot Russian

“adoption” bullshit lies. Ooooooooops. They are all

So fucked in every possible way. Look out, it’s just

almost all over. Trump And Crew know It. Look for

them to Get Crazier, louder & way more Disruptive

NOTE: Progressive Democrats, Are Winning Primaries
And “Special Elections”, At An Alarming Rate Showing
There’s A Blue Wave Likely Coming. Only If You Vote!

Have a day!

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