To start pickin Fights with Mueller & the entire

Investigation. Ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


What a fucking big Collection of fidot’s. Oh that

is a great idea: Harass, Abuse & Pick fights with

the people about to JAIL all your ignorant asses

Wow you really can’t make this shit up. They’re

almost totally undone now. At this Rate, just let

them ALL keep talking as much as possible and

they will be In Jail before Dinner Time. It is like

watching a Man Hand Crafting their Own casket

while Loudly Yelling, “I Build The Best Furniture,

Only The BEST!”. Mueller, And The Entire Grand

(Oh we know)

Jury are watching Everything & know almost all

of the shit they already did. When you did mega

illegal Crimes, Punching The Cops On Duty, only

speeds it All Up. Fair Enough. It’s almost all ova

NOTE: Disgraced Republican, Blake Farenthold Who
“Left Congress” After “Sexual Harassment” Charges
Paid Out Of Tax Payers $. Guess What? He SAID HE
Would Pay It Back. Ha Ha Ha!!! He Didn’t. And NOW
He Is, A Fucking Lobbyist. This Is Disgustingly VILE
RIP: Tom Wolfe, Writer, New Journalism, & Student
Of Life. Read His Work, Read His Quotes, And Enjoy

Have a day!

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