Seems Mike Pence is now weighing in on the

Trump Russian Collusion / Obstruction ‘Case’

(“Jail Plugs!”)

“In the “interests of the country”, I think it’s time
to wrap it up I would very Respectfully encourage
the Special Counsel, to Bring Work To Completion”

Well well, now we know Pence is Involved In

this shit too. He was “playing” very smart by

suggestions from his legal counsel 2 keep his

mouth shut is my big guess. Welp, he knows

it’s gonna Sweep Him Up as Well, that is why

he Is now Speaking up defending Trump and

ergo himself. They Are ALL Fucked. If you all

keep Punching A Republican Cop Who is Just

(“You’re fucked!”)

doing his Job and On Your Side, you can best

expect a hefty punch back. They are all going

down Fast. Now, Being Objective Here, when

anyone does something Good, we all applaud

Trump got 3 Hostages back from N. Korea so

that’s GOOD. However, 2 of them were taken

while Trump was In office. Oh goody, this fat

idiot is trying to Fix his own fucking problems

Will anything good come From His Distraction

Summit?!?! We shall see but if the past is any

(We Know)

indicator, he’ll Fuck It up Badly. He is simply

trying to “Avoid” The Unavoidable In Mueller

NOTE: Sociopath Lying Hateful Republican, Did
His Best Despicable Pond Scum Impression On
Fox Lying About John McCain Hittin A New Low
This Is Just Disgusting Hate Thomas McInerney
Is Clearly Just An Inhuman Pile Of Shit Asshole

Have a day!

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