New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman

is gone. Turns out the NY AG Democrat likes to

(<-So Long Creep!)

“Choke” & violently abuse women. Oooooooops

What a vile, & disgustingly horrible piece of shit

he is. Two Women came forward telling all their

stories of his abuse then 2 more, with four total

While It’s Nice Eric is A Vocal Critic Of Trump he

is Not above the law & This Shit is Unacceptable

Good “riddance”, Anyone Doing This or breaking

the law goes down. Party matter’s not. Speaking

of breaking the law, it seems Trump is now even


in “hotter” water with Mueller. The orange anus

and his Stupor Friends Legal Farce asked if they

could “Submit The Answers To The Questions in

writing”?!?!? Mueller said “Fuck off, a subpoena

is quickly Coming”. See, This is NOT A “Political”

issue As Trump/Crew Want To Play At. This is A

MASSIVE LEGAL issue, and they are all going to

rue the Day they Tried this Insanely lunatic Tact

Ahem, Anyone “Talking” About Trump ‘Pleading’

the 5th, is poorly legally educated. Under Grand

(Yes, facts)

Juries, there is NO 5th Amendment right if they

Are INDICTED. Oh, And It Is Also Clear, Trump/

Crew, have no right to even put on Any Defense

See these are Rules that Immoral lying assholes

never Pay ‘Attention’ to. To Add to his problems,

the GJ can ‘Compel’ any witness/target to testify

See, if Trump “Blows it off” or says, “No, I’m not

gonna go”, then he’s held in contempt and jailed

until he does. This is Almost Over & the fact that

Trump/Crew, Are All Massive Failed Morons, Who


can’t even see this legally coming tells us all why

they Deserve it That Much More. Done, Tick tock

NOTE : Trump Wants To End The Iran Deal And It’s
Not Just An Insane Move, It Signals Possible War In
Every Way. This, Is Disgustingly Ignorant, Wrong, &
Shows Trump Knows Nothing, About The Deal At All
NOTE II : The Republicans Rolling Back Regulations
On Banks Who Caused The Financial Crisis Of 07 08
Just Setting The Stage For Another Collapse What A
Pile Of Evil Sociopaths. So Republican/Trump Voters
Grab Your Ankles & Bend Over Suckers I’m Shorting
Everything, To Profit, Off Your Ignorant Misery Idiots

Have a day!

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