Cohen, Cohen, GONE!

May 3rd, 2018

They have ‘Logs’ of Michael Cohen Speaking

not only to the White House, but many other

(<-Flynn, Cohen, Perry)

people in Trumps crew. This, is the final nail

The Legal Bar To Obtain Surveillance is Very

HIGH. That Means, The court Approved of it

because they already have evidence today &

it leaves Trump & Co with little to no options

left today. Shit, when “rudderless” Rudy G is

last Best legal chance to save your bacon it’s

all over but The Cell Door Slamming, but fast

This is a “Tactic” to change this from the very

(Crooked as his glasses)

serious LEGAL Problems To Political BS Lies

Anyone Making This A “Political” Discussion

is intentionally ignorin LEGAL ones that will

bring down not only Trump but everyone in

his Geocentric circle (for ignorant Trumpers,

that means that everyone close to him whos

serving Him including Don Jr., Kushy, Pence,

Sessions, Nunez, & Many More). Trump Will

(What, me?!?!)

be getting more unhinged by the day and it is

because he knows what is Coming to him now

NOTE: I Was On WGN Radio Last Night Talking
All About Kayne West’s Lunacy, And The White
Sox With The Amazing Patti Vasquez Go Dig it!
NOTE II: Trumps New Lawyer, Emmet Flood Is
Now, On Board. He Was, An Ex-Bill Clinton Guy
In HIS Impeachment Hearings. Seems They All
Know ‘What’ Is Coming Fast, Getting Old Fossil
Failed Frauds, From Bill, & W Bush. Ooooooops

Have a day!

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