“Spikes Up!” for old baseball player named

Wilford Brimley look A like Lawyer Ty Cobb

(So long!)

Is Now LEAVING. Oooooooooops. So Much

winning. As all the Waters get bloodier and

bloodier with Bodies; Legally Speaking, the

sharks are a Circling for a feast. Even Legal

Zoom just blocked Trump (Yes I’m kidding)

But in this Insane day-to-day Clusterfuck it

“Sounds” About Right. This Means, Trumps

last best chance at Avoiding jail falls to one

Rudy “Clueless Ass” Giullani. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

(<-You’re toast!)

That’s like Trusting All Of Your Finances To

Curly from Three Stooges. You’ll be “broke”

before Sundown. Want to see A Fun Classic

sketch from Kids In The Hall about Trumps

“Legal” Defense right now?!?!?!? Enjoy this

NOTE: Speaking Of Insanely Tone Deaf Dumb
Mother Fuckers, Con-Yay West, Doesn’t Know
ANYTHING About History, Facts, Slavery, The
Civil War or Reality About These United States
NOTE II: Cambridge Analytica Is Closing. Ohh
Of COURSE They Are. The Damage, Is Already
Done. They Had Facebook “Data Breaches” So
Now, That Trump Is In Office, They Run Away

Have a day!

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