The “Believe Me” Lie…

February 28th, 2017

Jon Stewart, was back But behind

Stephen Colberts desk and it sure


sounded Fine. He Pointed Out the

thing all of us do in Trumps mega

“Believe me!!” lie. People who are

trust Worthy don’t have to ask for

it. Liars Fucking do. It was nice to

see him Back. Trumps Russia ties

Will Sink Him Quickly. You Do not

Trump Russian Stooge(<-Putin’s Bitch!)

just Fire Someone When they did

nothing wrong. Tick Tock Trumpy

NOTE : Asshole Evil Racists, THAT
Threatened African Americans Got
Jail Time And Cried. FUCK YOU!!!!
Only Once Your Evil Racist Actions
Are ‘Correctly Legally Judged’ You
Feel What Your Hatred Does Stfu!!
NOTE II: Hey Racist Sessions Just
Violated The 14th Amendment The
Equal Protection Under Law. Prick!

Have a day!

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