Courts “Crush” Trump…

February 22nd, 2017

The tiny handed Orange anus is gettin

legally Bitch Slapped and will Continue

donald-trump-muslim-ban(We know)

to be. See, “playing” at President isn’t

the ‘Same’ As “UNDERSTANDING” Our

System of Governance. We Have These

things called “Checks & Balances”. And

even 5th graders grasp this. Trumpy?!?

Nope. A Brooklyn Federal Judge, Carol

Bagley Amon delivered an order on this

past Tuesday, Asking For the Names of

people Held For Questioning/Processed

Trump "It's not a Muslim Ban"(<-Bullshit Mountain)

Better have those names in by the 23rd

My Guess, Trump Will Blow It Off And it

will Bite him in His Fat, Flabby lying Ass

No one is above the Law. I mean no one

Town Hell Part II

Republicans Are “Bonking” On All Their

town hall meetings. That will Cost most

Angry town hall voter(GTFO!)

of them their seats. You have Awoken a

giant that Has A “Massively” Successful

track record (labor movement, woman’s

rights, Civil Rights, etc). Citizens Are So

fucking PISSED and you Republicans all

have NOTHIN’ Policy Wise To State. The

paint is drying around your feet, oooops

Town hall voter sign(Not People)

Remember none of this means Anything

unless you VOTE in 2018, 20, 22, 24 etc

NOTE: Brownback Will Be Sent Packing
Next Election. Republicans, Are, Fucked

Have a day!

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