The “Fake” President?!?!

February 21st, 2017

How was your Presidents Day?!?!?!

Mine was Good. Spent it with Sonja

Presidents Day(No “Fake” Ones)

and our Soon To Be College student

at campus’s looking. That is why we

Did Not Post. Sorry About That. But,

what did Trump do now?!? He thinks

Sweden had a terror attack. No, that

never Happened. “Fake” News?! No,

more like “Fake” President. This is a

Fairly Simple Game By, “Tiny Hands”

It’s Called Projection, 101. Whatever

Trump-Fake-President-TShirt-(8560)(We know)

HE is doing, Accuse Others of Doing

Then he’ll claim “Let’s call the whole

thing off!!”. Not a very hard concept

Nope, Trump is the Classic Dog who

caught the Car. The Bumper is in his

mouth as an accelerators stepped on

Enjoy your Ride Trumpy. For as long

you can Hold On. At this rate, May is

an eternity. To the protesters, that is

Trump University failed(Your School?)

fine. BUT, where the Fuck were YOU

on election day? That’s like Not even

studying for a test, getting an F then

Blaming The Teacher. That Mirror, Is

looking Directly at You. It always did

NOTE: Trump Spent Just Less Than
Obama’s Yearly Travel Expenses, In
ONE Month. Ha Ha Ha Ha!! The Sad
Part? We Pay For It All. So Disgustin
NOTE II : Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster Is
Now Trumps ‘New’ National Security
Advisor. This, Is After The Flynn Shit
Fiasco. McMaster, Is A Decent Fit To
“Lead” And Knows The Costs Of War
Don’t Expect That 2 Sit With Bannon
UPDATE : If Trumpy Tries The Same
Ban, It Will Legally Fail, Again. Fidot
The Orange Anus Does Not Learn!!!!!

Have a day!

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