The “End” Begins…

February 14th, 2017

You read it Here 1st & on Valentines

Day, so Remember this post TODAY

Trump Simpsons paid idiots(Yes, we knew)

Everyone with a Functioning IQ and

ounce of wits knew Trump could not

last. All WWF Racist Blather, and No

actual content doesn’t last long for a

position of Governance. Republicans

will start turning on him now at light

speed. See, all Republicans only care

one thing, themselves. They see their

mid-term election looming, and need

to break Now. SO, out like Flynn has

mike-flynn(So long fucko!)

resigned over direct contact with the

Valdster before taking office. McCain

said “The Flynn resignation show the

signs of Dysfunction” in Trump Land

Ahem no, the last 3 weeks have said

the same Fucking thing to the Entire

world for Anyone with eyes and ears

At no Point In Modern History Has it

every been This Bad. Not even under

Nixon  (Who Resigned). Trumps New

Trump-jibe-obama that will be him(Projection Irony)

approval rating is 40% with 55% all

disapproving. Oooooooooooooooops

At no point was a POTUS below 53%

at this Point Ever. This is beginning

of the slide into the Abyss for em all

NOTE: Conway Investigation And It
Means She Is “Going Down” As Well
Trump Will Defy, & Lie But That Will
Anger Walter Shaub The Director Of
Government Ethics, This Ends Badly
NOTE II : The “Media” Is Done With
All Of Kellyane Conways Insane Lies

Have a day!

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