Town Hell & Betsey DeVois

February 13th, 2017

If you are a Republican today shit

isn’t Going Well. That is An Under

Florida moron lies to audience(Bill Akins lies)

statement. Remember all The Tea

Party Anger, Screaming Irrational

lies Plied By FOX And The Top 1%

Plutocrats Of Death Panels, ETC?!

Well they Were Mad as Hell & Not

gonna take it!!!! They just did not

know what “it” was. It Was Anger

& “Hot Air” Manufactured By FOX

and all those top Republicans like

“Bitch McConnell” screaming “We

Bitch McConnell lies(We Remember)

will Obstruct EVERYTHING!“. So,

now We Have A POTUS “Actually”

DOING the shit They Were, at the

time, supposedly worried about &

now?!?! Not a fucking PEEP. Well

guess what, voters are all peepin’

now. A Lying Republican Tried to

bring up Death Panels again. That

didn’t go well. And Jason Chaffetz

was “Boooooo’ed” For Bullshitting

melissa-mccarthy-on-snl-1-322x212(Get To Steppin)

badly. Their responses?!? “Alright

settle down children”. Ooooooooo

this is not going to go well. VOTE!

Only happens if ya vote every year

Betsey DeVois “Trouble”

What if I told you the Secretary of

Education misspelled the name of

Betsey DeVos screwed it up(Holy shit!)

a prominent Civil Rights Leader &

then when Called Out for that also

misspelled their apology?!?! Ralph

Wiggum’s now our SOE. Miss D is

now Miss Spellings. It’s not that it

was misspelled people. It’s that if

you are not qualified for a job shit

ralph-wiggum-me-fail-english-thats-unpossible(Ahhh Ralph!)

has a way of showin’ we were NOT

qualified For Said Job. A Bad Start

NOTE : My Mother, Joan Elizabeth
Bolger “Passed Away” At 2am This
Morning. She Was A Good Woman
And Although So Very Sad; All Her
Suffering Is Over. She’ll Be Missed
NOTE II : Germany Picks, A Social
Democrat To Lead Them. WOW!!!!
They’re More Democratic, Than Us

Have a day!

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