Super Sunday & Court Slapped…

February 6th, 2017

If you watched the Stupor Bowl last

night, you saw a Tail Of Two Halves

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The Falcons in half 1 and implosion

in half 2. Also, the Reffing was Very

Bad. I must have seen 10 “holdings”

and 2 Chop Blocks on the Pats That

were never called that can Stall The

drive. Now, everyone can Jerk off 2

Tom Brady, the “Cheater” as if he is

the single Greatest QB eva. He’s not

but don’t tell him that. Speaking of

people with Inflation Issues, seems

Trump squishy idiot face(Bitch, slapped)

Trump got Bitch Slapped by All the

courts so far, as I said he Would on

His Illegal, Insane “Muslim Ban”. It

is sad and hilarious, all at the Same

time. And they squashed his appeal

Oooooooooooops. The loud Orange

anus doesn’t Know Anything About

governance, laws or polices. Nothin

What an utter moron. They literally

Protestors all point out Trumps fuck up(You’re fucked son)

do not know Anything About Policy

Our Current Refugee Screening, IS

insanely rigorous. But they hold no

facts. Because they ALL Can’t Read

NOTE : Tennis Player; HITS Umpire
In The Face With Ball. WTF?!?!?!?!?
NOTE II: So, This Sean Spicer Press
Conference Is More ‘Real’ Than The
Actual Ones. And It Is Scathing Shit

Have a day!

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