Turd Threatens Mexico…

February 2nd, 2017

With an “occupied” war in Mexico

Yes, you Read it Correctly. It has

Trump angry yelling child(Insane Douche)

only been coming up on TWO yes

TWO weeks since the fascist child

has taken Office. Yet, his lunacy’s

at a fever pitch right now. The big

Tangerine toddler just threatened

Mexico our ally with invasion just

based on his own biased incorrect

views (That Do not reflect reality)

with US troops. He said on A Call

that He would Send US Troops in

The Shadey Bunch ha(And Liars)

to Mexico to Take out all the “Bad

Hombres” Unless all The Mexican

Military begins to “Control” Them

itself. It Horrifically loony for him

to threaten Chicago, a Us city the

other day now he’s Openly pitchin

“War” with Mexico and Iran. Next

it will beĀ  China, North Korea and

maybe Australia?!?!?! At this rate

all your Republicans Best sign Lil

Trump pointing & yelling sad(Tiny hands, tiny IQ)

Johnny Up 4 a War Meat Grinder

wars Trump/Bannon are Seeking

Holy Fuck Balls. This Is Not Even

week TWO! He likely will not ever

see March at This batshitnut Rate

NOTE: “Republican”, Murkowski
Puts Country & Reality Over ANY
Silly Partisan Bully Tactics. Bravo
And She’s Not Scared Of Trump’s
Tweets. Bring It On Orange Anus
NOTE II:So Republicans Are Now
Reapin’ The Obstructionism They
Showed For 8 Full Years; Ha Ha!!
And, Appointing An EPA Head, In
W/O Quorum’ll..Be Remembered
UPDATE : If You Are An LBGT’er
And Voted Trump, You, Got HAD
They’re Looking At Ending Rights
How Many Executive Orders?!?!?

Have a day!

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