“Wall” Of Shame…

January 25th, 2017

Dictators can build walls, & They

have. Ahem, Trump, you can not

Trump signing the lunancy(He Can Read?)

just “sign” an Executive Order to

build your Wall With Tax Payer’s

money. “Congress” must Always

approve Spending like That. It is

called The Power Of The Purse U

lunatic! And, Will Mexico Pay for

it?!? Holy fucking HELL no. It will

be US. Fuck Sake. This Guy’s SO

mentally unhinged. This really is

Political crazy Theater that really

Reagan tearing down the wall(Reagan He Ain’t)

fundamentally changes WHO we

are as a nation. The last prick to

Build a wall was Ulbrich & USSR

Khrushchev. Russian & Germans

Sort of like; TODAY!!! Trumpy &

Putin. This is the worst of us and

it does not end well at All. We’re

in ‘Historically’ Well Documented

dangerous waters here; speak up

berlin09-1(How’d That Work?)

as citizens and use your voices to

stop This Madness. The time was

on fucking ELECTION day but you

didn’t. THAT might doom us All!!!

NOTE: TDS, Hits Spicer, Right In
The Lying Mush Mouth, But Hard

Have a day!

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