As a Country Deals With this Pandemic Still

with an infected Orange asshole lunatic shit

(We Know)

in charge, the FBI just “thwarted” a horrific

far Right Wing MAGA kidnapping for the MI

Governor. READ, “THAT” AGAIN. These Evil

White Supremacist Right-wing Fucks will all

be Caught for their Hate. These are the last

gasps of Hate. It will hide after this Election

again, but It’s Dyin’ off. Literally. And when

orange Ass can’t string a sentence together

with Biden Now Stepping Out to his Biggest

Lead Yet AND GROWING. The End, Is, Near

For tRump And The Entire Republican Party

(Flies love shit)

Last night Wasn’t A “Debate” just like I told

you It Wouldn’t Be. And, Mikey “Fly On The

head” Pence was as ‘Bad’, as I said he’d be

Kamala Brought Receipts. He Tried To Stall

And, FOX Could say nothing about any of it

NOTE: Remember the MAGA couple aiming their guns
In Protestors Faces? Well, They Were Indicted. Ha ha!

Have a “safe” day!


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