Trumple In Paradise…

November 15th, 2016

It seems The Establishment can’t

get out of the Way from Tripping


over their own Clutter. They ALL

want their goodies at the door, &

it’s Taking too long. Pence And A

Trump tone will Clash. See, Mike

At least knows how to Govern, &

Trump?! Does not. Look out this

is the start of something to come

(Sorry So Short…My Parents Are
BOTH in the Hospital Right now)

NOTE: Hillary Blames Comey, &
Then 3rd Party Candidates. That
Is Interesting How Bout Herself?
She Ran A Shitty Campaign And
Anyone Else…Would Have Killed
Trumpy (Cough) Bernie Sanders
NOTE II: RIP…….Gwen Ifill At 61
She Passed Away….From Cancer

Have a day!

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