KKK Endorses Trump…

November 2nd, 2016

And this shocks……….no one at all!

The official news paper of the KKK

kkk_copy_2(<-Racist Hate)

which seems odd, since racist can’t

fucking read, The Crusader, simply

loves him for President. But, oh no

His Campaign, Ideas, Policies, And

Words; Are Not Racist  (Rolls Eyes)

Our Entire Country, Has Already all

been “SHOWN” This, By Trump Him

self at every fucking turn. The polls

show the entire Country rejects this

which is a great Thing. However we


must ask, the Republicans all stood

together With Very Very Very Scant

few who Opposed: Graham, Kasich,

Powell, Barbara Bush, W Bush, and

about 55 more; that’s it. So, others

are Happily Voting For Trump. That

is what is Called a Big disqualifying

vote to hold any High Office. Losers

Shit, Paul Ryan, Speaker of The Big

House already voted for Trump and


in ‘snake fashion’ said he voted for

the Party Nominee. NO! You Voted

For Donald J. Trump & All That HE

stands for you little lying Bitch Toy

What Trump exposed was the Dark

Roots Of Racism That Their Modern

Republican party was built upon for

all to see. And, the Vast majority of

Americans have seen it far too long

It only happens If You VOTE VOTE!

NOTE: Nothing Still On Comey And
No New “News” Yet. When Given It
Will Be “Covered” In Full Detail But
It Is Likely Nothing Will Come Of It
Since We’ve Had Over ’20 Hearings’
NOTE II: The Cubs Force A Game 7
Look Out World, If They Win Tonite
The World Series Is Theirs Destiny?
UPDATE: And Now, The Racist Acts
From Trumps ‘Hate’ Begin. THIS Is
Unacceptable & Won’t Be Tolerated

Have a day!

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