Worst “Fake Rapper” Names…

September 30th, 2016

I wanted to be a rapper called “Liquid Paper” but my skillz were

(Yes, please)

about as tight as maternity pants on my 34 inch waste. Meh, you

can’t win em all, or even some. Here’s a “Worst Fake Rappers list:

-Lil’ Shit Stain
-Dr. Dick Biscuit
-Rumple Foreskin
-Nutter & The Fresh Masters Of Spunk
-Freshy Fart Whistle
-Lil’ Tampon
-Adult Diaper
-Twerked My Back
-Mutha Fucker Please
-Tainty McDouchely

Just a few for you to enjoy. Now go make your own & start a career

NOTE: This Brave Girl Spoke Her Mind And It Is Something
Amazing, And Healthy, And Worth Listening To Every Word

Have a weekend!

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