The “Trumper Tantrum”…

September 28th, 2016

And now after getting Housed in the

debate comes the Trumper Tantrum

trumper-trantrum(<-Mega Idiot)

The doubling down on lies, the Hate

And Ignoring All ‘Reality’. Thankfully

we have Videos, clips and facts That

Support Reality. That ‘Kills’ Drumpfy

And so Now, aside from going on his

lying about The Lies Tour. He is now

getting hit hard with Alicia Machado

(It hurts him bad, from his reaction)

which destroys Him With Women, &

Latino’s. The Reason he Lost the big

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado speaks on stage at Festival PEOPLE En Espanol 2015 presented by Verizon at Jacob Javitz Center on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for PEOPLE En Espanol)(The Face)

Debate?!?!? Oh, his microphone was

“Terrible”. Yes, Something Was Very

wrong with his mic, it was turned on

And he Thinks He Won The CBS Poll

Even Though CBS Didn’t Do Any Poll

He also tried The Stop And Frisk lies

which failed 97% of the time. It was

Ruled Unconstitutional, Violating the

4th Amendment. The Ousted orange

octogenarian Immolation has begun

The next Two Debates Will be worse

seth-meyers-donald-trump-lost-presidential-debate(The Sock Puppet)

for him. He will be, in a Desperation

Mode & Bring Up Bill’s¬†infidelity and

it will Backfire Badly. Clinton will so

welcome that and is prepared for his

gutter which she Will Parry. Leaving

him face down in mud & floundering

NOTE: The Three Cops, Who Killed
Freddie Gray In The Back Of A Van
Were “Honored” At A Big Black Tie
Dinner, By The Conservative Media
Research Centre. That Is Pure Evil!
NOTE II: That ‘Debate Lie Counter’
Shows Trumpy With 34 & Clinton 6

Have a day!

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