Cop Charged!

September 22nd, 2016

Step in the correct direction. But

it’s NOT NEARLY Enough and the


part that ‘Always’ happens is this

“Shelby did not activate her patrol
car’s dashboard cam, so no footage
‘exists’ of what first happened with
the 2 Before other Officers arrived”

Well no shit! And the two yahoo’s

in the Fucking Chopper with their

racist “That looks like a bad dude

too probably on something!”. Yes

All Tall black people are on drugs

Those two shouldn’t run a Dunkin

Donuts, let alone be Fucking Cops

So now, she will Be Charged With

ku-xlarge(We know!)

Manslaughter. No, it was murder!

And they left him lying in his own

blood to bleed out and DIE. Why?

Because to many cops Black Lives

Do Not Fucking Matter. They will!!

NOTE: Yet Another Trump Racist
Coordinator /Bigot Prick ‘Resigns’

Have a day!

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