Keep Cool, Don’t Panic…

September 21st, 2016

Yes, the Polls are like Pants after

three Thanksgiving dinners, they

bullshit(We All Can)

are tightening.  But, They Always

have in each election dating back

to 1992. Shit Obama and McCain

were 2,3 points apart at this time

And, So Was Obama VS. ‘Mittens’

J. Romney. Just ‘Watch’ The First

debate in primetime and you will

see the real time immolation of a

Drumpf in tryin 2 Hide all his lies

Think of it as The “For Every One


obama-vs-mittens(Remember these?)

Of Hillary Lies, He Has 291″, And

that’s quite a ratio 2 keep up with

Be poised, speak the truth all just

remember to Vote, Vote, Vote!!!!!

UPDATE: A 65 Year Old Woman
Shoots Down Drone With A Shot
Gun Blast, And Tells Folks To Go
NOTE: Drumpfy, Wants To Bring
Back Stop And Frisk Clearly Not
Knowing, What The POTUS Does
They Do Not Set State/Local Law
He Is A Lying Lunatic Loud Idiot!

Have a day!

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