By now you all know about the horror

in Dallas, with a Lunatic EVIL Asshole


who Targets, Shot, and Killed 5 police

officers. Their “names” are as Follows:

-Brent Thompson
-Patrick Zamarripa
-Michael Krol
-Michael Smith
-Lorne Aherns

It happened at ‘protest’ that was very

peaceful. Until This “Sniper”, who will

not be Named Here. Just because an

Evil, hateful, insane asshole deserves

no attention. He “opened” fire during

this event where protester were takin’

pics with cops. All peaceful, and what

happened after by all the racists made

Joe Walsh(<-Racist POS)

my stomach turn. ‘Joe Walsh’ wanted

to make sure you knew he is so racist

Loser of The Century Rudy Giuliani &

other “Republicans” all made it Racist

right on que. Such evil, Hateful Pricks

What they are “doing” is intentionally

avoiding the Common Ground we ALL

have, spewin’ racist hate. They are all

like an astronaut Untethered from the

sept-11-anniversary(<-Racist POS)

ship spinning in Their Own Hate. Gross

The good news?!?! At least we all know

who they are then. Sun Light’s the best

NOTE: An Open “Letter” From A Former
Racist That Is Very Very Very, Amazing
NOTE II: Baton Rouge LA. ‘COPS’ FUCK
Up Peaceful Protest Arresting Everyone
Including ‘Reporters’ For Really Nothing

Have a day!

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