When you are a lying, racist, bully

“Reality” has this Constant way of

donald-trump hair is a mess(<-What A Mess!)

always catching up with YOU. Oh

& then the real racist hate begins

His Drumpf University went belly

up so badly. And he was SUED &

that trial, which he will ‘lose’ very

badly, is on going. The Judge just

ruled against him, & will “Unseal”

all Trump U documents. Ouch, &

It Will DESTROY Him. And, so his

reaction?!? Be ‘racist’ against the

trump_fraud(We know)

judge. Not only is that disgusting

it’s also Contempt of Court/using

a political rally to racially hate on

a sitting judge. Oooooooooooops!

What other “Bad Things” are now

happening to Ol’ Bigot Toy?!?!?!?

He’s ‘likely’ not even a Billionaire

and every “Major Analyst” Agrees

Image: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the media regarding donations to veterans foundations at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York(“Hey now!”)

How bad does it get?!?! Read this:

“I know Donald; I’ve “known him” a long
time, & it Gets Under His Skin if you start
writing bout the reasons he won’t Disclose
his Returns, you would see that he doesn’t
have the money that he claims to have and
he’s not paying much of anything in taxes”

-Prominent Hedge Fund Manager

It gets worse, & mean WAY worse:

“Trump has a Tendency to Value his brand
at a very high amount but these are usually
intangible valuations ‘pulled’ out of ‘thin air’,
and he seems to be reporting gross revenue.
There is a huge difference between that and
net income. What really matters is what you
put in the bank (Pure Cash on hand today)”

-Steve Stanganelli, Certified Financial
planner at Clear View Wealth Advisors

And, now Drumpfs Top “Christian

Policy Advisor” thinks he Stopped

a fucking Tsunami & cured Cancer

And NOW, it is lie #25 billion, with

the ‘Vets Donation’ Lies. He didn’t

even give the 1 million like he said

Trump holdong hands up(“Who Me?!?”)

he did. He LIED about it all and it

is just ONE more sector of society

that will justly all hate him forever

What planet is this?!?!?! In my life

I have NEVER seen this Shit Show

known as the Drumpfer in politics

Hillary v Sanders continues to roll

on so remember to vote vote vote

NOTE: “Horror” Shooting At UCLA
Campus Leavin’ 2 Dead As Of Now
NOTE II: The NeoCon Wing Of The
Republican Wants 2 Split Drumpf’s
Already Halved Votes. Oooooooops
INSANE: Trump, Has “Over” 3,500
Lawsuits, Most Of Any “Candidate”

Have a day!

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