Town Fall Trumpafied…

March 31st, 2016

Any question asked to Trump will never

be answered. When it is it will change &

Trump-Liar(We Know)

keep changing spewing bullshit out both

side of his bigoted bullshitting spew Hut

He is not a serious man. He’s not a deep

thinker. He is a loud Child banging a pot

& pan, shitting his pants, then flinging it

all around yelling “Look, it’s amazing art”

No. No. No. No. No. No. NO. NO NO NO!

He won’t take “nuclear bombing” off the

table, then takes it off the table, then he

trump-matthews(Da fuck you sayin?)

puts it right back on there “bombing” the

UK. You think I’m kidding?! In a 2 minute

clip his level of dumbfuckery flip flopping

is legendary. On the topic of Abortion, he

no more thinking on that topic than a Fat

kid decidin’ to wolf down a box of HoHo’s

He want to make all abortions illegal, and

any woman caught havin’ one will just be

“Punished”. Ever seen two side that don’t

Trump talks abortion with Matthews(<-Bullshit Machine)

get along all come together?! That is ONE

way to do it. If only the loud moron could

get Israel & Palestine to Get along, but he

would find a Way To Fuck That Up as Well

NOTE: Mississippi Tries ISIS Impression
& Succeeds Flawlessly With “LBGT Hate”
Bill. It’s Unconstitutional & Will Then Be
Overturned, But Thanks You Dumb fucks

Have a day!

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