Neo-Nazi Trump Supporter…

March 30th, 2016

Shocks No-one, & the Racists that

he attracts are gettin’ WAY WORSE

Andrew_Anglin-80Super racist asshole(<-Racist Asshole

For example, lets enjoy this “quote”:

“Surely, he is not responsible for the
actions of his own wife in this Great
feminist experimental society, but if
my wife was playin a ‘lead’ role in a
Jewish Conspiracy & to Dissolve the
border with Mexico, I would File For
divorce. Wouldn’t you?!?! Cruz’ wife
should be in Prison, or Executed for
High Treason. Donald Trump’s Wife
should be on the cover of magazines”

These lying racist morons could fuck

up a junkyard. They’d fuck up a one

car funeral. Luckily because they are

all ignorant morons they all off them

selves at higher rates so maybe now

Psssssssst, Anti-Semite and massive

Racist Louis Farrakhan Loves Trump

Tells you all you’ll ever need to know

The Clinton Camp Crying

The entire Hillary Clinton campaign

is falling apart. And the reason?!?!

<> on March 9, 2016 in Miami, Florida.(<-She’s Scared)

She’s losing primaries 6 out of seven

with more coming soon so VOTE!!!!!

Now, every Spokesperson for her, is

askin for a better “tone” from Bernie

The translation? “Sanders kicked our

fucking asses, in 6 of 7 Primaries. He

is decimating us badly by simply just

tellin’ the truth about clear corporate

welfare ties she has, while he “offers”

much better policies than her”. Oops

NOTE: This Racist Black Woman Is
An Idiot For Bein’ So Racist Against
Another White Male. What A Loser!

Have a day!

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