Trump Chump “Charged”…

March 29th, 2016

The Chumps campaign manger Corey

Lewandowski was arrested & charged

Corey Lewendowski Trump idiot toy(<-Idiot Toy!)

with “Battery”. And you all read about

this incident here before. Oooooooops

Do I think it was really “Battery”?! No

but that type of behavior should all be

STOPPED. You don’t resort to physical

violence. But that’s all Trump really is

now, isn’t he? Sadly, yes. A loud racist

stoking hate machine. Ooooooooooops

You knew it was coming. We all saw it

Trump Super Asshole(No thanks!)

coming. It will get worse because they

can only go down from here & they all

show no interest in quelling the “hate”

They can only ratchet it up and it ends

the Republican Party as a “national R”

NOTE: ‘Reza Aslan’s’ Islamic Violence
Ignorance, Show He Can’t Be Trusted
If You Want A ‘Great’ Credible Source
“Please” Go Read Maajid Nawaz Book
NOTE II: Cops Abuse Power, Arrest A
Black Postal Worker, Only Because He
‘Yelled’ Out, When Their Car About Hit
Him While Flying By. This Is Disgustin’

Have a day!

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