As The World “Berns”

March 28th, 2016

It seems Bernie Sanders is not yet

out of it yet (He has won, 5 of the

feel-the-bern-poster(Hillary does)

last six states) and by a Lot. He’s

got the ‘Mojo’ right now. Look out

Hillary. He is coming, and for your

spot on the “roster”. So, the super

Delegates Will Break for Bernie, if

he “wins out” the rest and by a lot

What was a ‘sure thing’ for Clinton,

just turn into a “wait & see”. She’s

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library(“We got this!”)

on the hot seat. And, the more big

‘wins’ he puts up, the worse it gets

And with voters in these blow outs

they’re Breaking Sanders Way at a

clip of 3 out of 4. Booooooooooom!

NOTE: TeaOP Radio Host “Grills”
Trumpy On Cruz, & Wife Bashing

Have a day!

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