Ah Yes, nothing like Racist Fascists

“Pretending” THEY are The Victims

Trumps racist shit(No thanks!)

It has become so bad for the “White

Nationalist Racists” these days, that

they now need a Hotline for all their

emotional abuse. Holy Fucking Shit!

1st off, the concept of a “safe space”

is lunacy. The only “Safe Space” you

get is your Fucking dorm room. And

other than That, it is Called the First

Amendment You Morons. Nothing Is

more disgusting than Fascist Racists

White Supremacist endorsement(<-Supremacist Group)

tryin’ to oppress others & then cryin

“Stop Trying To Stop ME, Oppressing

others with my hateful racism”. Naw,

these “White Nationalists” are simply

loud abusive hateful Morons abusing

others while havin a perpetual victim

complex While ‘Hatefully’ Oppressing

others. What Hateful Loser Dickholes

NOTE: Lindsay Graham “Correctly”
Bashes The Entire Republican Party
With THIS COLD Water OF “Reality”
RIP: SAG-AFTRA’s Ken Howard And
Comedian Gary Shandling Very Sad

Have a day!

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