Sorry about Yesterday no posting

My daughter was in town and she

donald-trump-idiot(“Yey Racists!”)

always comes First since we’re so

far away from each other. But, on

to the Greatest Turd Show on The

Earth. Donny Drumpfy’s hate shit

is a nightly event and in his Town

Hall he ignored his Racist Political

campaign he’s running. So he was

poked “(people are leaving due to

your) bigotry, racism, xenophobia,

and misogyny”. Morons answer IS

Trump cotton candy hair idiot(Cotton Candy Head)

Super Bullshit Supremacist GOLD:

“Or, let’s call it Intelligence…we’ve

to be careful about who we let into

the country”. Oh, right. Maybe the

N-Word is now ‘brilliant IQ points’

What a Hateful, Ignorant, Nothing

this Bigoted Joke Is. So FUCK OFF

Trump is Trying to Make “Racism”

“Ok”, or trying to Normalize it. No!

Brussels Attack Horror

This is pure Theocratic horror and

it is ‘Unacceptable’. 14 people were

Brussels suspects for bombing(Suspect on right)

killed by a bomb in the Brussles air

port. This will not stand. These evil

fucks using religion to abuse or kill

innocent people is so Fucked Up. It

will elevate radical religious Groups

to severe threat levels we will all be

monitoring so fucking closely. So, it

shows that religious hate always has

violent ignorance at it cores. And its

Disgusting shit, that must be shown

to the world; only light kills that shit

NOTE: Stupid ‘Racist Black Man’ Is
Pure Evil. This Moron, Is The Black
Version Of Trump Supporters, And
It Is Always Wrong, & Should Be A
Hate Crime Under ALL Law. Period

Have a day!

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