Bernie Sanders, didn’t have a Good Night

night. Ohhhhhh noooooooooooo he didn’t


Does that means he’s finished? No, it does

not. BUT, it means he needed to win three

or more of those states to be in control. So

now the bad news is the “Math” looks bad

and numbers. Is he still in the race?!?!?!?!

Yes, he is. The only reason is all the rest of

the states favor him drastically. Hillary got

all her wins from the deep south. Now it is

on to the Northern States, which favor the

Bern. BUT, Make No Mistake, He is “Badly”

Bernie Sanders stops in Edwardsville Illinois(“Will you vote?!?”)

hurt. It will take him running the table all

the rest of the way & convincingly so for it

to be big win for him delegate wise. And it

should be ‘Noted’, already lumping all the

Super Delegates to Hillary by the media is

Bush League at best. This is far from done

SCOTUS Pick & Rubio Bye Bye

Obama and his party have put up a ‘PICK’

His name’s Merrick Garland is 63 & was a


clerk for the “late” Supreme Court Justice

William Brennan and served in the Justice

Department in several leadership roles 1st

as a Deputy Assistant Attorney general for

the criminal division and later as principal

associate deputy attorney general. Merrick

is an Illinois-Born Graduate from Harvard

University in 1974. VERY qualified. So will

that stop ‘Republicans’ from just being the


‘Obstructionist Assholes’ they Always are?

Nope. Speaking of accepting reality, Rubio

is done. Out. Over. Finished!!! He couldn’t

even carry his home state. What a big turd

Have a day!

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