March 15th, 2016

If voter turnout is high, that favors

Sanders Big Time. Illinois is CLOSE

vote-today-retro(Do It!)

people. Get out, carpool, make sure

everyone VOTES!! Your voice is the

only Difference between something

and getting Kicked in the Groin bad

Took my Mother to her Dr. today, &

then VOTED!!! If you vote & tell the

other to as well it’s a loss for Hillary

You can Book It. And she should’ve

Election-Illinois-Common-votes-in-CHicago(Common Voted!)

crushed Bernie here in Chicago with

a Big Win. It’s neck & neck too close

to call. That’s why EVERY Vote’s big

And Trump Will Win, And Rubio Will

Drop out after losing his home state!

NOTE: “Exit Polls” In Illinois, & MO
Have Sanders “Edging Out” Clinton

Have a day!

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