Ummmmm, no. Not now, now ever you

Drumpf ‘Racist Morons’. A “Hitler Youth”

Trump Rally gets heated(The Shit Show)

rally, was Shut Down Friday in Chicago at

UIC. His rally’s are simply hate gatherings

If they Think KKKlan Meetings Are Simply

a “1st Amendment issue” they’re not only

utterly insanely wrong they don’t remotely

understand our Constitution What-so-ever

If any Hate Group uses a Political Platform

to spew the concept of oppressing “Others”

it’s no longer just “speech” there are limits

Racist yelling at others who are peaceful(Trump Supporter)

to speech. Stuff like Incitement or Fighting

Words Are Not Protected. Nor is “Denying”

the rights of other citizens. The reason?!?!?

The 14th Amendment. Other people Rights

end at the tip of ‘our noses’. If they want to

have Klan Rally’s, get a “permit” as that’s a

solution society has agreed upon. If Trump

doesn’t like that, Try a Fascist Dictatorship

It appears His “Stoking” Violent racist hate

would ‘Fit right in’ that type of Government

Racist Trunp idiot(Bigot White Trash)

When Every Republican is Openly Pointing

out Trump’s the one responsible for All this

hate not 1 Media Outlet, ever holds Trumps

overtly racist feet to the fire. THAT’S wrong

VOTE Tomorrow in Illinois people!!!!!! I am

“Voting” for Bernie Sanders for the Primary

NOTE: SNL Gets Their Satire Totally Well
With This Perfect “Trump Supporters” Bit
NOTE II: Reporters All Quit In Mass After
Being Attacked At Trump Rally, And Then
Not Defended By A “Fake News” Breitbart

Have a day!

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