Welcome to the 1920’s Beer Hall

Putsch, in a rising Nazi Germany

donald-trump-racist(We know)

Today, they are called The Tump

Rally’s. You think I’m joking?!?!?

Nope. It’s VERY real, & it’s VERY

horrifically disgusting. He’s a Big

loud, Racist, Lying, Moron BULLY

But that’s NOT the best part here

His real last name is really Donny

Drumpf. Yes you “read” that right

See, you can’t spell Dump without

Drumpf cap funny(Ha!)

Drumpf! What does this all mean?

It means he single handedly WILL

END the “Entire” Republican Party

And it couldn’t happen to a Bigger

collection of hateful ignorant asses

Have a day!

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