The Oregon Fuck Dynasty dress up Cowboys

are Officially over. One is “Dead”, by his own

Ralph Wiggum Milita idiot(True)

demands. He wanted to die. Remember the

Nutty Idiot Robert LaVoy Talking to CNN in

the rain under a bluetarp sayin, ” I have no

intention of spending ANY OF my DAYS in a

concrete box”. Who the ever lovin fuck gets

to SAY THAT to law Enforcement?!?!?! What

if that was a group of black men? Muslims?!

These loud morons are terrorists. They’re so

Moron Bundy racist idiot constotution(You violated it!)

like ISIS in every possible way; and even got

the beards to boot. The only difference is the

Religious Book they claim to follow. While all

using Violent Force to get their political ways

They will do heavy time for these acts of hate

Republican PAC’s Are Scared

What if I told ya Bernie Sanders has a better

chance today then he did before? Cubs Todd

Todd Ricketts idiot ass(Moron in the middle)

Ricketts super PAC spent $800,000 running

attack ads against Bernie Sanders. See Tom

is saying is “Bring on Hillary!!!”. What all the

Democratic leaders think Todds group wants

Bernie. OK, either way they will so regret the

thing they wish for. See in a General Election

Bernies policy positions are sound. They ALL

resonate politically in all polls. See, in trying

Hillary wispering into Bils ears(“I need BS help!”)

to hurt Bernie they are stating ALL his policy

positions, which actually HELP him. That’s a

hilarious mistake. Which “means” Sanders is

the Nominee. They WANT Clinton. If Trump

wins, he will correctly say, “See, she’s taking

all the Money Too, so we both suck. Pick Me

because…well fuck her. She’s a liar!”. BUT, a

Sanders debate Throws That Bullshit out the

Americas Least Intelligent(<-Trump Voters!)

window. Bernie Will Destroy Any Republican

with policy, facts, history, and Popular Ideas

NOTE: The ‘Final’ Republican “Shit Show”
Debate Before the Iowa Vote Is Tonight!!!
Trumpless Doesn’t Want To Hurt Himself

Have a day!

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