Iowa Hilarity & PP Cleared…

January 26th, 2016

Iowa has a lot goin’ on these days, at 1st

they were the girl who got asked to prom

Iowa Caucuses(Yes, we know)

but left at home. Now the Jock is back &

Looking For That 2nd Date just Politically

speaking. Voters will go to the Polls, in a

big attempt to select the next candidates

For Republican’s, it is that “Trump Rump

Train”, that Drives Them Off the Political

landscape in America. For Democrats its

a 3 horse race between Bernie, Hillary &

O’Mally with O’Mally trailin’ so very badly

Huckabee-Iowa-Getty-640x480(3 Words: I quit!)

The idea with the “Town Hall” yesterday,

was to change up the setting, & all it Did

was give a new style for Corporate Media

Bernie won it, with Clinton & O’Mally at it

PP Cleared, Go Suck It!

For all the hate, fear, lies, ignorance and

more from the Hard Religious lying right,

Anti Aborition activist indicted(2 Indicted!)

THEY Are Now indicted! Ooooooooooops

Yes you read that correctly. They ALL so

Lied Badly With The Videos Using “False”

Editing. Well, PP is Now Exonerated, yet

AGAIN. Cleared of any wrong doing, and

the worst part think of all those tax $’ers

that could’ve Funded people already here

But they don’t care about that. It is all so

Erica Canaut(<-Ill Informed Morons)

about the Lies for them. Always has been

And hopefully all as American citizens, WE

get justice from these lying hate monsters

NOTE: Abe Vogida Passes Way RIP Fish
Most All Of Us Know Him As Tesso From
The Godfather Series. At 94, A Good Life

Have a day!

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