The “Endouchements”…

January 25th, 2016

What does a political endorsement mean today?!

If you’re a Republican, nothin’. Even some of the

news(Breaking wind…)

Democrats don’t pull the clout they once did, and

that’s Funny. People have peeked behind that big

curtain, and don’t like what they all see behind it

Call this: “Endouchement Monday”, from now on

After Word Salad Chronic Mouth Shitter Palin did

her bad impression of a “Drunken Hillbilly Rapper

With No Sense Of Words Meanings”, three Others

have now come out meaningless endouchements

On the Republican side you get Glenn “I’m Crazy”

i_cant_deal_with_any_more_idiots_poster-r1c52920d29b04b8b90aed972959ae158_ar04_400(Very true!)

Beck throwin’ his lot in with Ted “Yes, I’m Racist”

Cruz. And on the Cruz batshitcrazy train you also

get Rick “Ooooooooops” Perry. Bravo it’s like one

loud Pantless Moron, with shit running down his

leg yelling “Now, here’s a guy I REALLY like!!!!!!”

As meaningless as it is sad. Their Party’s a house

On Fire, And Morons Are Grabbing Marshmallows

instead of calling the fire department. Cause after

all, those Public Serves are all Communist in their

insane world. Then Clinton was endouched by the

Julian Castro, Corzine (Criminal), & Cuomo. Here

The bullshitters(Yes, we know)

is a comprehensive Hillary Endorsement List. Let

us make no mistake here. She’s the classic career

Politician in this race. Sanders, policy wise is NOT

Will that make a difference, we shall see. But, one

thing’s for sure. Whom ever is nominated, will get

as Massive lead over R’s bad national “Unlikablity”

NOTE: Trump Retweets White Supremacist Tweet
Because, He Knows Exactly Who He Is “Targeting”
In His ‘Base’. Shit, His FATHER Was Likely In KKK

Have a day!

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