Diarrhea Mouth Gibberish…

January 21st, 2016

That is just Palin’s calling card these days

It’d be nice if she’d just speak any English

Garbage Palin funny(Sadly true)

Sadly, she can’t; it’s really just more of the

ignorant jingostic boastful Appalachian or

her loony pointless non-sequiter gibberish

Or in this case, both. Try to comprehend it

“He knows the main thing, & he knows how
to lead the charge. So troops, hang in there,
because help’s on the way because he better
than anyone isn’t he known for being able to
command, fire! Are u ready 4 a commander
-in-chief, u ready for a commander-in-chief
who’ll let our warriors do their job & go kick
ISIS ass? Ready for someone who will secure
our “borders”, to secure our jobs, & to secure
our homes?!?! Ready to make America great
again, are you ready to stump for Trump?!?!”

And it keeps going on with this insane gem

“We know who you all are today, in that, it
seems like old Crony Politics as usual, with
the Trash Man taking out more than Trash,
but your tax money for a dime. Trump isn’t
like that. He’s the Man with the Plan for us
all. All us two-time, Double Barreled, truck
loving, Heartlanders who are America. And
he won’t stop there, oh no, not He, with the
best Vision to “Make America Great Again”
showin’ all his Private force as that guiding
light of resolve. Constitution is king for him
and us, as we journey up the new mountain”

And, yet more silliness from the nut mouth


“He is a Multi-Billionaire. Not that there is
anything wrong with that. But, it’s amazing,
he is not Elitist at all. Oh, I just hope u guys
get to Know Him more, & more as a person,
and a “Family man”. What he’s been able to
accomplish, with his um it’s kinda this quiet
generosity. Yeah maybe his largess kind of I
don’t know some would say, gets in The way
of that quiet generosity & uh his compassion
but if u know him as a person, & you’ll get to
know him more n more, you’ll have respect”

Now, one of those 3 isn’t real. Try to guess

which one. Good luck. Psssssssssst it’s #2

But be honest with Yourself. It was harder

than it should be, & most guessed it wrong

American Citizens, will look Back on these

Loony Moments as the worst to ever Occur

in modern political society. It’ll be Called a

Palin idiot extreme(Moron Bigot Twins)

Fecal flinging diarrhea Vortex Of Ignorance

Great for comedy but horrific for all society

NOTE: The Bills Just Signed The 1st Female
Assistant Coach. So Good, Hope She’s Great
NOTE II: A Mom At A Gas Station Stops Two
“Car Jackers” With Kids In Back Seat. NOICE

Have a day!

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