The Democatic Debaters…

January 19th, 2016

Happy day after MLK day my bitches!

Wait, that’s a little Harsh. How about,

Sanders hits Clinton hard(Policy facts!)

happy day after MLK day you fuckers!

Wait, still not Right Tone. Meh, forget

it. Republican’s tried to have a debate,

but they aren’t any actual ‘substantive’

policy debates or specific factual issues

found in reality. They are this “Bullshit

Circus”¬†spectacle with monkeys huckin

feces at one another, yelling “OBAMA!”

every 3rd word. For the faults of all the

Republican debate clown cars(Dipshit Parade!)

Democrats, during Debates, that is not

one of em. They’re substance heavy, &

based in reality. Sanders went after the

Clinton ‘Hard Core’. Pointed Out her Big

tie connects to Goldman Sachs, and the

Wall Street Financial Whores (UBS, BOA

etc), This is an obviously easy differnce

to point out. Let me make is Very Clear:

Bernie: “I don’t take $ from Wall Street
& believe we should break up the banks”

Hillary: “I took millions from Wallstreet
and I’m going to tell them to ‘cut it out'”

Trump as the clown big(Sadly true)

Geeeeee, which Person is speaking the

truth to power?!? Bernie. Clinton simply

‘represents’ THAT “Power”. Republicans

are the punchline. Sadly when they gain

power, the joke’s on ALL of us then bud

NOTE: Hannibal B Didn’t Want To ‘End’
Cosby. It Was Just A Joke A Powerful 1
NOTE II: The ‘Human Rights’ Campaign
‘Endorsed’ Hillary Clinton, So That’s Big

Have a day!

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