OreGONE & Chelsea Debatley…

January 14th, 2016

It seems the Militia of Morons doesn’t

understand what it really Means to be


Anti-Government. See, they’re getting

the MAIL. Who Do they Think Delivers

THAT?!?! The Mail Fairy? Pssssssssssst

the US Government gives you the mail

You “Morons” can’t even stay Logically

consistent if your Lives Depended on it

And in this case, sadly they do. I don’t

want This is End Violently, I Hope that

it really doesn’t. But there Will be Such

Oregon Militia idiot(“I’m a moron!”)

SERIOUS Consequences For This Bull

shit terrorism! Period. If Armed Folks

can take over federal buildin’s with no

Consequences that is Unacceptable to

all American citizens. Tick tock, tickity

Playing armed dress up isn’t a Fucking

game. They have broken the law & it’s

gravely serious shit. Their game’s over

Hiliary Is Worried…

You can book that. She’s so scared now

she threw her daughter against the wall

Chelsa Clinton(Sick em!)

to see what would stick. It was like just

throwing a Glass of water. It “Dribbled”

down that wall…simply making a mess

Chelsea Clinton decided to try to weigh

in against Bernie Sanders on facts, and

reality about his ‘Single Payer Medical’

plan. Wait, did I say “Weigh in?”. I just

really meant ‘Attack’. And it “factually”

didn’t work. Watch it all Go down Here

She flopped hard. Her entire Argument

Chelsea Clinton(Bullshit Factory)

was “Obamacare’s better than a Single

Payer plan”. Wait, WHAT?!? The entire

purpose of ACA was a “pathway” to get

us to Single Payer. It’s a Straw Man of

Sanders policy. But then again, she’s a

Clinton. Lying’s Like Breathing to them

Disgusting Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed
Small Nazi Eichmanns All Dressed Up
Lil Girls Singin’ About Generic Bullshit
NOTE II: RIP Allan Rickman Aka Hans

Have a day!

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