This Is What Hate Gets You…

November 23rd, 2015

Trump is back leading in the Republican Shit

Show known only as the WTF 2016 Primaries

Trump Super Asshole(Sadly we know)

And his xenophobic, ignorantly bigoted views

has a new face. A new vessel of what it looks

like in real life. A large, bald, ignorant douche

stood up in a public town hall meeting yelling

overtly Racist Shit Against Muslim Americans

Samer Shalaby a Civil Engineer, and member

of the “Islamic Center of Fredericksburg” was

discussin’ plans for the new worship center at

A Spotsylvania County Meeting. That, is when

Klan Man, stood up Shouting his insane racist

Racist At Muslim meeting(<“I’m a racist prick”)

bullshit, Threatening Violence. He then yelled:

“Every one of you are terrorists, I don’t care what
you say. Every Muslim is a terrorist. So shut your
mouth. I don’t want to hear your mouth. I will do
everything that I can do….to keep you from doing
what you’re doing, It’ll happen. That will happen”

Maybe, Trump Found A New Campaign Manger

Not only is it ignorant, the few other Fuckos all

applauding was even more disgusting. It is like

a collection of all the dumbest assholes spewin’

White Power, Trump 2016…….Kill Brown People

I’d shake my Head in sadness, but it is too sore

They’re all a Cautionary Tale of limitless bigotry

Trump racism on display(Yes, we know)

NOTE: ISIS Attacked A Hotel In Mali Killing 27
This Will NOT Stand. ISIS/Al Qaeda, You’ll Die

Have a day!

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