What do ya get when you cross North

Carolina, with a Christian Uber Driver

samsonSamson Woldemichael)

who is Ethiopian, & Sprinkle in an idiot

racist? You get THIS! A passenger just

threatened to Shoot Him/Kill Him just

because, he thought he was a “Muslim”

WTF!?!?!? Morons, morons, morons, all

around us. So the bigoted asshole tried

the old “My gun is SO behind me in my

waistband” BS lie. But, a driver doesn’t

know if they’re bluffing. So, the asshole

then hit him the Head, used Slurs, & he

said he would “Choke” Him. This Moron

Uber driver who was attacked(Victim)

racist fuck should be charged yesterday

The good news?!?! Racist Morons really

are the Dumbest Fucks ever. With Uber

you give them your credit card and info

Ooooooooooooooooops! He’ll be busted

Charlie Sheen’s Positive…

HIV Positive. This is Not News, And It Is

really just sad. He is a decent actor. Shit

CharlieSheenHIVannouncement_large(Yes he did)

Platoon, Major League etc were all great

He was diagnosed four years ago and he

only told those he thought he could trust

Turns out, for some, he Really could not

He was bein’ blackmailed by a few of the

“prostitutes” he was sleepin’ with before

What a sad, sad, sad story. Hopefully he

Becomes a Teaching Moment of Being a

cautionary Tale. Maybe Someday he Will

charlie-sheen-har-hiv-aids(Makes sense)

Become Happy. Balance My Man, That Is

the key. For as much fun sex is so is love

NOTE: This “Hateful” Indiana Republican
Tries To Introduce The Most AntiGay Law
NOTE II: Colbert & Maher Jab Each Other
About Politics And Religion Maher Scores

Have a day!

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