A New Hero Emerges…

November 17th, 2015

Please read this and pass this along to

Others who Seek Hope. Remember the

Vombing hero smiling(Adel Termos)

name Adel Termos. He Saved so Many

countless other lives at a bombin’ in an

open market in Beirut. So originally his

daughter “died” in the article. That has

changed. She’s alive and forever will be

with him. But never forget his ‘Bravery’

If not for him spottin a gutless ISIS ass

in a bombing vest, 100 others would be

Hero father with daughter(Hero Father!)

dead today. He ran after him tackled &

absorbed the detonation blow. THAT is

a hero. Today, tomorrow, forever. He’s

the face of good. IS is on Notice. If it’s

killing it wants it starts with all of them

As a Non-Violent man, there are simply

some people who whom love isn’t given

And they will Show it with Words, Hate,

and violently evil terrorist actions. Dead

NOTE: Republican Moron DeJour Mike
Fuckabee Doesn’t Know What ISIS is?!
NOTE II: Token Jindal Halts Campaign
Not Realizing The TeaOP Always Hated

Have a day!

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