Fighting Over “Bigots”…

September 10th, 2015

Let’s face it, today’s Republican party is

simply A Collection Of Lying Plutocratic

A Hee Haw set(It’s Tea Haw)

morons scrapin’ it out demographically

For The Moron Hillbilly Religious Bigoty

crowd. Politically speaking this is just a

form of suicide. They’re all competin’ to

see who “Loses” in the General Election

There just aren’t enough Fat, angry, Old

racists to ever win any national Election

anymore but they seem 2 be the last 1’s

to know. At this point, they are just Kids

trying to collect as much Candy (PAC $)


as they can before checking out gigglin’

all the time at the “suckers” and “rubes”

who bought all their Jingoistic racist BS

Wow, the fact that they get any “takers”

makes me projectile vomit. It boggles a

human mind. Meh, suckers’ll be suckers

Have a day!

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