Hate Shit Show Continues…

September 8th, 2015

Kim Davis is nothing more than a bigot

using her “Religion” as a tool, to simply

Kim Davis thinking she's won(<Bigot Morons!)

discriminate, “ignore” the Laws of Land

and the actual Laws in our Constitution

Then Ol Mikey “The Long Tail Con Man”

Fuckabee Dipped his Bigoted Toe in too

So let’s all get some facts straight here:

1) She was never in “prison” it’s just jail

County jail because she violated a Court

order not because of her religion. Guess

The side show circus(Shit Show Circus!)

Ol’ Mikey doesn’t know the differences:

“Today, I was proud to “stand” with Kim Davis
as she was released from jail. Ms. Davis should
have never been locked up for bein’ a Christian
and for “following her conscience” and the law”

Ahem, that IS the Problem with all you

fucking morons. She DIDN’T follow the

law she broke IT, cause “gwad” said so

No she simply violated every law cause

she’s a hateful, intolerant bigot Oooops

All these Clinically Insane People Really

think “we won!”. No this isn’t about any

winning or losing. It is About Upholding

the fucking law. What utter batshitcrazy

Fatties Mug Shot(“I learned nothing!”)

Hope you all had an amazing Labor Day

weekend. I sure did hangin’ with friends

and even got a lot sick at the end with a

big terrible cold I am still struggling with

today. Where ever you are there you are

NOTE: Trump’s “Overt Racism” In The
80’s Comes 2 Light & “Shocks No One”

Have a day!

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