Kim Davis-Today’s Moron Bigot!

September 2nd, 2015

Dumb fuck moron asshole shitty idiot supreme

dipshit; Kim Davis Denied Issuing all Marriage

Kim David bigoted asshole(<Fired Bigot!)

Licenses to Same Sex couples. Because?!? Well

“Gwad!”. Um, no you fucking moron shit kicker

The Courts Decided, it is Law, she is denying to

uphold the law. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck You

She will be fired for not being able to do her job

denyin’ our US Constitution, & Failing to Uphold

a law. She not only will be jailed/arrested/Fired

but should seek mental help. She’s Nuttier Than

Kim David asshole of the day(“Yes, I’m crazy”)

a Squirrel Turd. She is Bigoted, & was “Married”

FOUR TIMES. She can’t even follow the Rules in

her goofy assed cloudman book. What a fucking

hypocrite theocratic lying loser; today’s Asshole

NOTE: Trump Had Made 0 Truthful Statements
He Has Also Made 0 Mostly True Statements!!!!
How Many False? 15 How Many PantsOnFire? 4

Have a day!

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